Goodies from the Safari Extensions Gallery

Clicking on name of the extension or “install now” below the image will direct install the extension in your Safari Browser.

1) True New : TrueNew is a new way of looking at unread mail in your inbox. Instead of only having an unread count to look at. TrueNew shows you both your unread count, plus what is truly new since the last time you took any action on your inbox.

Help > Extension Gallery > Email > True New > Install now

2) LittleSnapper : The LittleSnapper Safari extension is a great complement to LittleSnapper for Mac. It allows you to snap, comment, and rate the current webpage you’re on.

Help > Extension Gallery > Photos > LittleSnapper > Install now

3) AdBlock : AdBlock banishes all ads on all web pages. Once you install AdBlock, you’ll immediately see the results. Visit your favorite websites and watch as ads disappear.

Help > Extension Gallery > Productivity > AdBlock > Install now

4) Defacer : When you visit websites other than Facebook, Defacer can hide Facebook buttons such as “Like,” “Recommend,” and “Share.” Defacer also hides Facebook content that appears in iframes.

Help > Extension Gallery > Social Networking > Defacer > Install now

5) Better Facebook : It improves your Facebook experience. Customize your news feed with advanced filters that can hide posts you’ve read, alert you of new comments, notify you when you’ve been “un-friended,” and more.

Help > Extension Gallery > Social Networking > Better Facebook > Install now

6) Facebook Cleaner : Facebook Cleaner hides visual distractions — like sponsored ads, pokes, and the Get Connected section — from the Facebook website.

Help > Extension Gallery > Social Networking > Facebook Cleaner > Install now

7) Facebook Photo Zoom : Facebook Photo Zoom is a simple extension that integrates directly into Facebook. Just hover over an image — like a profile picture or a photo in an album — and Facebook Photo Zoom enlarges it for you.

Help > Extension Gallery > Social Networking > Facebook Photo Zoom > Install now

8 ) ScribFire : ScribeFire is a full-featured blog editor that integrates with Safari and lets you easily post to all of your blogs.

Help > Extension Gallery > Social Networking > ScribFire > Install now

9) MLB.Com Toolbar : The toolbar keeps you updated on all of the day’s games. See who’s pitching, who’s at bat, and who’s on base in real time. Stay locked on a single game or let the toolbar cycle through all the games automatically. You can even get alerts and watch live “look-ins” as they happen — exclusive to

Help > Extension Gallery > Entertainment > MLB.Com Toolbar > Install now

10) Gmail Counter : Check how many unread emails there are in your GMail Inbox… Directly from a nice button in the toolbar.

Help > Extension Gallery > Email > Gmail Counter > Install now

11) Shortly : Shortly is a handy URL shortener with support to native shorteners. With simply one click, Shortly will bring you the short link of your current browsing webpage, giving you for YouTube videos, for Flickr photos, for blogs and other short links of your choice.

Help > Extension Gallery > URL Shorteners > Shortly > Install now

12) Delicious Safari : Automatically save the URL of the web page you’re currently viewing to your Delicious account.

Help > Extension Gallery > Bookmarking > Delicious Safari> Install now

13) Flickr Original : Flickr Original adds a contextual menu item that gives you the ability to quickly view a photo in its original size simply by right-clicking on the photo thumbnail.

Help > Extension Gallery > Photos > Flickr Original > Install now

14) Turn Off the Lights : This extension dims everything in the background, so you can enjoy the video you’re watching without any distractions.

Help > Extension Gallery > Entertainment > Turn Off the Lights > Install now

15) Awesome Screenshot : Awesome Screenshot lets you capture, annotate, and share screenshots with a click. You can crop, show area dimension, annotate with shapes and text, and blur your screenshot. You can even choose to capture the entire web page. Then share your screenshot with a simple upload.

Help > Extension Gallery > Photos > Awesome Screenshot > Install now

16) Imgur Upload : This extension adds “Upload Image to Imgur” in the contextual menu. Simply right-click on an image in a web page, choose upload and the Imgur image will open in a new tab. Settings item allows you to choose whether you want to edit the image before uploading.

Help > Extension Gallery > Photos > Imgur Upload > Install now

17) A Cleaner YouTube : Now you can watch YouTube videos without all the visual distractions of the website. A Cleaner YouTube transforms YouTube into a clean and tranquil place.

Help > Extension Gallery > Entertainment > A Cleaner YouTube > Install now

18) Instapaperit : InstapaperIt lets you send links to articles to your Instapaper account. You can choose one of two ways to do this: Click a link while holding down a modifier key or select the contextual menu item.

Help > Extension Gallery > Bookmarking > Instapaperit > Install now

19) Ultimate Status Bar : An elegant and informative status bar alternative for the Safari web browser.

Help > Extension Gallery > Productivity > Ultimate Status Bar > Install now

20) Translate : This extension adds a toolbar item that translates the current web page using Google Translate. You can set the preferred target language and translate in place or view the translation in a new browser tab or window.

Help > Extension Gallery > Translation > Translate > Install now

21) Mouse Gestures : MouseGestures adds basic shortcut commands via your mouse to control tabs and windows. Using the middle or right mouse button, you can Go Back, Go Forward, Open New Tab, Close Active Tab, Open New Window, Close Active Window, Go to Previous Tab, Go to Next Tab, Close Other Tabs, and Reload Page.

Help > Extension Gallery > Productivity > Mouse Gestures > Install now

22) Gmail This : Gmail This automatically composes an email with the title and link of the web page you’re viewing.

Help > Extension Gallery > E-Mail > Gmail This > Install now

23) Custom Search : CustomSearch allows you to easily send the selected text to one of up to eight customizable search engines — right from the toolbar or a contextual menu. CustomSearch includes search entries for Wikipedia, Google, Bing, and Amazon.

Help > Extension Gallery > Search Tools > Custom Search > Install now

24) Fox News Ticker : A must-have extension for those that want to stay in the know. The official Fox News extension lets you stay on top of the day’s leading stories with a scrolling ticker of up-to-the-minute headlines. You also get one-click access to search archives for articles, commentary, and videos from one of the most powerful names in news.

Help > Extension Gallery > News > Fox News Ticker > Install now

25) New York Times Updates : The official New York Times extension provides updates (headlines and thumbnails) based on New York TimesRSS feeds. Filter content by news section, most emailed, or get all the updates from the home page. You can even choose to omit articles and blog posts you’ve already viewed. The New York Times extension also checks for updates and slides in new headlines and thumbnails.

Help > Extension Gallery > News > New York Times Updates > Install now

26) Twitter for Safari : The official Twitter extension for Safari brings real-time trends and information to every web page. Show related tweets and Twitter users. Keep track of what’s trending at the moment, including any mention of the web page you’re on. You can also tweet about the web page you’re viewing — complete with a link that’s already shortened for you.

Help > Extension Gallery > Twitter Tools > Twitter for Safari > Install now

27) TweetBar : TweetBar conveniently places your Twitter feed in its own browser bar in Safari. Follow shared URLs and click on usernames and @replies. TweetBar shows you as many tweets as your Safari window will allow.

Help > Extension Gallery > Twitter Tools > TweetBar > Install now

28) Add to Amazon Wish List : Now your Wish List is always accessible. With the official extension, Add to Amazon Wish List, you can add any item from any website to your wish list with one simple click.

Help > Extension Gallery > Shopping > Add to Amazon Wish List > Install now

29) eBay Spy : eBay Spy helps you save money while shopping online. It automatically finds the best deals on eBay for every product you’re browsing — in real time. You can filter results by country, item condition, and item type.

Help > Extension Gallery > Shopping > eBay Spy > Install now

30) Rotten Tomatoes : The official Rotten Tomatoes extension adds a convenient search bar for Rotten Tomatoes. It also displays the latest tomatometer scores for film openings and top box office movies in theaters.

Help > Extension Gallery > Entertainment > Rotten Tomatoes > Install now

31) Speed Scrabble Notifier : Speed Scrabble is a fun word game that challenges you to form words faster than your opponent. It’s a good time played in single player mode, but it’s an even better time played with others. This extension lets you easily see who’s on the site, so you can drop in for a game.

Help > Extension Gallery > Entertainment > Speed Scrabble Notifier > Install now

32) Meeting Scheduler for Google Calender : This extension seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar. It helps you find common meeting times that work for all attendees, so you can schedule meetings faster and avoid unnecessary email and phone tag.

Help > Extension Gallery > Productivity > Meeting Scheduler for Google Calender > Install now

33) Sessions : Sessions is a browsing history manager that keeps track of open windows and tabs with automatic backups for easy and robust session restoration. A snapshot of the current browsing session can be made and saved at any time.

Help > Extension Gallery > Productivity > Sessions > Install now

34) Google Reader For Snow Leopard : Make your Google Reader look and feel more like a native Mac application.

Help > Extension Gallery > RSS Tools > Google Reader For Snow Leopard > Install now

35) GReader : GReader is a Google Reader extension that updates you on your unread news and allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds through Google.

Help > Extension Gallery > RSS Tools > GReader > Install now

36) Alexa Traffic Stats : This extension displays traffic statistics for the current page as determined by Alexa. Information — like page views, bounce rate, and average time on site — appears in the lower-right corner of the web page.

Help > Extension Gallery > Developer >Alexa Traffic Stats > Install now

37) MeasureIt : MeasureIt lets you draw a ruler on any web page to check the width, height, or alignment of page elements in pixels.

Help > Extension Gallery > Developer >Alexa Traffic Stats > Install now

Best Safari Extensions That Are Not Listed In Extension Gallery

38) ZooTool Lasso : Add the Lasso to your Safari toolbar and collect images, videos, documents and links from all over the web.

Direct Link To Download Extension

39) User CSS : It is a Safari extension that will easily enable you to override stylesheets for any web page for anything—from changing fonts, colors to hiding ads and more.

Direct Link To Download Extension

40) Firebug Lite : Firebug integrates with any browser to put a wealth of web development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.

Drag this bookmarklet to your Bookmark tab Firebug Lite

41) View Style Sheets : VSS — is a Safari extension to view style sheets of current site with one-click.

Direct Link To Download

42) BetterSource : BetterSource shows the document source in a new tab, with line numbers, and colour syntax highlighting.

Direct Link To Download

43) Split View Extension : Safari 5 Extension to enable Window Splitting for more comfort. You can Split the current Window horizontally or Vertically, just like you need it.

Direct Link To Download

44) NoMoreiTunes : NoMoreiTunes is an extension for Safari 5 which disables the script that tries to start iTunes when you visit a link to the iTunes Store. It’s annoying and redundant as there is iTunes Preview for Music and Apps now.

Direct Link To Download

45) Resizer : Resizer adds a single button to your Safari toolbar that will resize the current browser window. The extension has 10 user configurable window settings (that can be named and enabled/disabled) and clicking the toolbar button will cycle through them in order. You can also select any of your enabled settings directly from the contextual menu.

Direct Link To Download

46) PageSaver Extension : This extension saves a screenshot of the visible hand of the page to download your image in a folder.

Direct Link To Download

47) Share With Facebook : A simple extension that allows you to share any webpage in your Facebook profile in just one click.

Direct Link To Download

48) Shortenz Linkz : It adds a button in your toolbar that will use any one of the supported URL Shortening services to shorten the link of the current page. Holding down the [option] key when you click the button will shorten the link and let you tweet it to your twitter stream.

Direct Link To Download

49) Helvetify : Helvetify is an extension that basically sets the web page’s font to Helvetica.

Direct Link To Download

50) Spotify for Safari : With Spotify for Safari you don’t need to copy and paste songs or artists from websites into Spotify anymore. When you see a song or an artist, just right click and choose “Open track in Spotify” or “Open artist in Spotify” and it’ll take you directly to the item in Spotify.

Direct Link To Download

51) YouTube5 – HTML Converter : This extension removes the need to use flash on YouTube by converting all videos to their HTML5 video tag equivalents. It also has the added benefits of decreased CPU usage compared to flash, and the removal of in-video ads.

Direct Link To Download

52) Cloudy : Adds a weather button to the toolbar.

Direct Link To Download

53) Read It Later Restyled : This is a userscript/Safari extension that simply changes the look of the Read It Later Web interface.

Direct Link To Download