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The Question most often asked……..

Are you Religious or Spiritual? Our answer to this is quite simple, Spirituality is not defined by a belief system… is simply a definition of the chosen pathway one takes. It does not either belong to a defined Religious belief, nor does it belong to those who have commandeered it in the name of Alternative Therapy.

Spirituality is the way in which one chooses to live, and whether one chooses to pursue this through mainstream Religion or Eastern Philosophies, by Communing with Angels, Guides and masters, or through their belief in the power of the Universe itself, makes no difference.

If one chooses to believe in the Universal Power of three things:

The Supreme Power of Love

The Philosophy of doing no Harm

The belief and practice of Giving of oneself to others without Condition

Then one is on the Spiritual Path……
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Nicole is available for Private readings, Meditation Groups and Guided Visualisation Groups, Crystal Therapy.

Please contact Nicole using our Contact form for details.

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Michael is available for Intuitive Personal Growth Groups, and Individual and Group Counselling for Alcohol and Drug Disorders.

Qualifications for A & D Disorders are:

C.A.C. (Certified Addiction Counsellor) with NAADAC, (National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counsellors) United States.
Specialties, Individual, Group, Family, Relapse Prevention

Contact Michael using our Contact page

We are Also available for Joint Facilitation of Personal Growth Groups

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